The other morning while messing around with some sound effects in the studio, I played a few random noises for just us to listen to .  Immediately, Jess started freaking out and quite frankly, I thought she was joking.  Turns out, I was playing some audio that I personally couldn't hear, but she could.  And it was driving her crazy.  Do you hear this annoying frequency?

Here we go again. Yanny or Laurel?  What's the color of the dress? Annoying high pitch noise or no annoying high pitch noise?  Perhaps after being in radio for a million years and listening to things (at times loudly) with headphones on, my ears aren't as good.

Possible theories that also exist include:

  • Jess just being nuts.
  • Jess making the whole thing up.
  • And Jess just lying so that she can get get me on video with 'headphone head'' while wearing a shirt that is perhaps a size too small.

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