A listener named Tyson left this message for us on Facebook Tuesday morning, presumably after hearing portions of our show on Monday after a weekend filled with more heartbreaking tragedy and mass killings in El Paso and Dayton:
"Maybe Brian and Chrissy could keep their gun control crap and politics talk off the radio !!! If I wanted to hear politics in the morning I’d watch CNN thank you."  We get our share of social media snubs and most of it rolls off my back, but this one really hit me. I felt the need to address Tyson's comments and I wrote him back on Facebook.  I have no idea if he'll see it, but I hope he does as well as anyone else who feels similarly to Tyson.

Word for word, this was my reply: (Tyson) With all due respect, we did use a few segments of the show on Monday to discuss how the horrific tragedies affected our life, and many of our listeners lives. As hosts of the show, it is our right to do so. We never once mentioned 'our personal views' about gun control nor did we discuss any specific politics or try to use our platform for any other purpose other than to discuss a topic that was on everybody's mind, including ours. Our heart goes out to victims in El Paso, Dayton, and anybody else who lost their life to a crazed killer. These are tough times we live in, and as honest and real people (not robots) these issues affect us, just like they do you. Naturally - at times- they will come up in our morning show conversations. Comparing our show to CNN because we spoke of a national tragedy is like saying that we're trying to be a sports talk show because we're appearing at or talking about an Albany Empire football game. It's simply not the case.
Myself, Chrissy and Jess are grown adults, and we have every right to talk about issues that are important to us, even if they may make you, Tyson, uncomfortable. We've been doing it this way for many, many, many years and will continue to do so as long as we have a voice to do so. Have a wonderful day, and if you ever would like to speak to us directly, please include a # where you can be reached and we will gladly *call you (off the air) to hear more specifically why we should 'keep our crap off the radio'.

Respectfully, Brian

*Anyone else with similar thoughts about what we should and shouldn't say are always more than welcome reach out.  Leave a # and we can discuss.  Dialogue is GOOD!

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