NOAA has announced their outlook for the upcoming winter. What will it be like here in the Capital Region?

Here we go with our varying forecasts! After the Farmers' Almanac predicted colder than normal temperatures and above average precipitation for the upcoming winter, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) is predicting the opposite for Upstate New York and the Northeast in general. According to their just released winter outlook, we will have a 40-50% chance of a warmer than average winter with about average precipitation.

So on one side we have the Almanac saying it's going to be extra cold and snowy, and on the other we have the NOAA predicting warmer temps and pretty much normal precipitation. Maybe the truth lies right in the middle. Which means we will pretty much have a normal winter here in Albany and the Capital Region. Some snow, some cold and a short winter thaw at some point.

That seems pretty accurate, right?

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