The Farmer's Almanac has released it's Northeast weather forecast, and it's going to be quite a ride.

Don't you just love this time of year/ Cool crisp fall air at night, the last remaining warm summer days and winter weather predictions that make you dread what's around the corner?

The Farmers' Almanac releases it's new edition today, and forecasters are saying the Northeast can expect "...colder than normal temperatures in the Northeast and above-normal precipitation..." which will equate to "...a good amount of snow..." according to a Portland Press Herald report. In fact, Almanac editor Peter Geiger told the Press Herald we can expect a "...long ride on the Polar Coaster." The what?!?

I personally don't mind winter and a snow storm here and there? But the "Polar Coaster?" Yeah, not my thing. I will say this though, between the "Polar Coaster" and the Polar Vortex - it sounds like Old Man Winter is opening his own amusement park!


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