We are getting much closer to our first snowfall of the season and the averages say it is only weeks away.

Pumpkin spice and apple picking will soon give way to shoveling and rock salt in the Capital Region as Old Man Winter comes to town, and our first snowfall is much closer than you think.

According to the Weather Channel, November 16th is the average date of the first Albany snowfall every year. This average is based on 30 years of National Weather Service data of when Albany has gotten it's first measurable snow. (Measurable snow is considered a tenth of an inch or more of accumulation.) As the Weather Channel points out, the average does include early and late snow falls, which we could very well experience this year.

But being a couple weeks out from the average first snowfall, that pretty much means the snow will be here before we really want to see it, or at least before we are mentally ready for it!

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