Get Help With Your Heating Bills
We haven't even started the winter yet and it's already been bitter cold. It looks as if we are in for a long cold, snowy winter. There are millions of dollars available in heating assistance for all New Yorkers that qualify.
Bundle Up & Hunker Down: The Polar Vortex Is Comin'
It pains me to write this, so please don't curse  the messenger. More brutal winter weather is coming our way in the next few days or so and it's not going to be pretty.  Snow will be falling and so will the temperature.  Insane cold is in our forecast as the vaunted polar v…
What's Worse: Frigid Cold Or Tons Of Snow?
Right now, we're dealing with both a foot or more of snow and ridiculously frigid temps- so that totally sucks.  But, Chrissy and I get into the argument all the time.  Assuming that we weren't experiencing both, what would you rather subject yourself to?  Dealing with the s…

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