Hey, folks - the cafeteria is a business too, ya know!  At least that's how they feel at a school in Attleboro, Mass., and they are getting strict with the kids.  Is it right to do, though?  According to an article at CNN.com the company who runs the cafeteria,  Whitson's Culinary Group laid the gauntlet down.  Even if you owed five cents on your pre paid lunch card, you had to "dump out the food you would have normally eaten" and were forced to go hungry that day.

The parents went ballistic.  25 kids had no lunch that day at all.  One parent called it "neglect and abuse" on their part.

A Fox news station in the area covered the story

Before we totally lambast this company, I do have a question.  Did they warn kids and parents ahead of time?  Did they send out warnings that they were going to do this on a certain day if debts weren't settled?  If they did that, MAYBE they would have a defense.

If they didn't, well ..... I'll withhold my comments.  Would love to hear yours below.  HOW CAN YOU DENY A KID FOOD?? (whoops- I slipped there)


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