If you have been thinking about making the jump to an electric car, the state of New York is now offering to lighten the load on your wallet if you do so.

In an effort to fight climate change and further reduce vehicle emissions, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced today the $55 million 'Drive Clean Initiative' that will provide rebates '...up to $2,000 for purchase of a new plug-in hybrid electric car, all-electric car or hydrogen fuel cell car.'

The exact amount of the rebate will depend on the range of the vehicle. The max rebate of $2,000 will be available for cars with a range of 120+ miles before needing a charge. A range of 40-119 miles will garner $1,700, 20-39 miles $1,100 and less than 20miles $500. Vehicles with a price tag over $60,000 will be limited to a $500 rebate, according to the state of NY.

Electric vehicles can be pricey, so this rebate along with federal rebates could go a long way to making them affordable. You have to imagine for around town driving electric would be great - you will never have to fill up!  You still may want to rent a good 'ol gas guzzler though for a long road trip.

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