New Siena Saints head coach Jamion Christian came by the GNA studios during the week to talk about the excitement of a new era in Siena Hoops.  On the court, his players are known for bringing a style described as 'mayhem'; designed to wear out their opponents.  Off the court, he appears to be bringing the same frenetic pace to the Thanksgiving meal.  Coach Christian told Brian and Chrissy about the enormous spread he and his family are putting on today for players and family.

You heard that right.  Over 60 people are coming to celebrate Thanksgiving dinner with he and his wife and family.  Coach told us that his in-laws and wife will do the majority of the cooking. With that many people over, makes you wonder of he's going to need a dry-erase board and a game plan just to make sure everyone gets enough of the good stuff.

Happy Thanksgiving to Coach Christian, his family, and the Siena Saints players from all of us here at GNA!

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