A new MICHAEL JACKSON album is coming out on May 13th . . . nearly 5 years after he died.

The album is called "XSCAPE" . . . and it will have eight previously unreleased tracks, unearthed from old recordings.

We don't have a lot of details on the music.  But we do know that producers only used vocal tracks that Michael had supposedly "completed," and that the songs were, quote, "contemporized . . . while retaining Michael's essence and integrity."

It'll be interesting to see how reviews from fans on this album.  Do you remember in 2010, just a year after Michael died, an album called "Michael" was released, and there was a lot of controversy over the authenticity of Michael's vocals.

Critics didn't love "Michael" either.

And, the "new" recordings on the reissue of "Bad" in 2012 didn't do so hot.

Hmmmmm... maybe they should stop trying to make money off Michael!  Let him, and his music rest in peace!

Photo by Tim Whitby/Getty Images