Do you have a computer related question?  We had a great one today that I really couldn't answer myself.  That's why we have a professional on call to help

First, a big THANK YOU to Computer Renaissance, Your One Stop Technology Shop for agreeing to answer a computer related question each week. I want to give them a big plug here.

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Now on to the question .This came from Jim B. in Ballston Spa.

How would I know if there is a virus on my computer?

Our friends at Computer Renaissance say your computer will run slow and sluggish.  You might also notice that your online experience is slow.

Another sign of a virus is trying to go to one website and you are automatically redirected to another... This is known as “Browser Hi-Jacking”… an example would be trying to go to google dot com and ending up at a completely different website.

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Lastly, if you notice there are a lot of “pop-up” ads during your online experience… you probably have a virus.

You can go to Norton or McAfee’s (mack-ah-fee) website to do a free diagnostic scan…

And of course if you have a virus get over to Computer Renaissance in Newton Plaza in Latham and our friends over there will have it removed and your computer running like new!

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