Well it has all come to pass, the great investigation into "Deflate-gate" is complete and they have found that not only did a rules infraction occur but that Quarterback Tom Brady was "at least aware" and that he "more likely than not" tried to "circumvent the rules". Now let the firestorm of argument commence on how "guilty" Tom really is and if so what sort of punishment should be doled out.

I'm sure that everyone will have an opinion and they will run the gambit from "He didn't do anything wrong , this is a witch hunt because he is the greatest player if not person this planet has ever seen" to " He's a cheating bum strip away all his Superbowl trophies".
Of course both of these are ridiculous and as with most things I bet the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

I am sure of this though, when Tom and the New England Patriots get into a media firestorm the one person on the team who will not be afraid to voice his opinion is Rob "Gronk" Gronkowski. It didn't take him long at all. Here is Gronk's take on the whole "Deflate-gate issue and why the media should cover something more important than this issue, "The kids". (or is it Deez Nutz?)

You can watch the video from Bleacher Report Here:

Ok, so other than wondering if Gronk was drinking or something as he recorded this video, I do have to take issue with the reasoning. What he is doing here is only trying to deflect away from not defend the Partiots' involvement in deflate-gate. Also not sure if I am more amused by the muscle flex or "Deez Nuts". You decide.


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