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Danica Patrick Joins Former New England Patriots Race Team
Danica Patrick was back on a race team but this time it was for the Boston Marathon. Patrick is best known for her days behind the wheel and then half of the super-couple with NFL star Aaron Rodgers. She retired from auto racing in 2018 but on October 11th, Danica joined a new team for a different t…
Are the Buffalo Bills are Saving New York Football?
Records are one thing but how could Buffalo being saving New York football? Well, new fans would be a start. New NFL fans are often attracted to winning teams. Some fans of perpetually losing franchises, like the New York Jets, switch their allegiances to teams that actually make the playoffs or win…
Are the Yankees the Capital Region’s Favorite Team?
Who is the Capital Region's most beloved sports team? I think we know but let's take a look anyhow. There are probably some major professional sports teams and leagues that we can toss immediately. The NHL is easy to toss. Besides the lack of general popularity, a direct result of Gary Be…
Aaron Hernandez Has Committed Suicide
We first knew about Aaron Hernandez as the tight end for the New England Patriots but in recent years, his name was tainted by the things he did off of the field. As of this morning, he was found in dead in his jail cell.

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