I love shopping local and I love buying and drinking whiskey so imagine my excitement when I heard about the new distillery announced for Downtown Albany.

If you're a whiskey fan like I am, you have another choice when it comes to local. Capital Distillery had their soft opening in Albany a couple of weeks ago and so far, the word is good! The Albany Business Review said that the owner had a distilling license in Wyndham but then moved up toward Albany so that his children could go to school.

The Business Review broke down their products by saying that they make "vodka and rosé vodka (colored and flavored with rosé wine), honey brandy, gin and pink gin (colored with cherry juice). Capital Distillery also produces a spirit called NY Maple, a distilled pure maple syrup."

The whiskey can already be found in nearby Albany restaurants like Lost & Found and Vintage House and is quickly growing to other Capital Region places. You can find the distillery on 32 Learned St in Albany, which used to be an old Bruegger's Bagels factory.

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