You have to admit, ever since Facebook came around it is pretty hard to totally forget someone's birthday. Everyday there is a new list of people celebrating a birthday, and you can so easily click the name , put in "Happy Birthday" and your good to go until next year. Of course if the person is extra close to you , you will do more than that but at least, in the event you did forget, your covered.

What if your like me though? For me it really hasn't ever been forgetting when a person's birthday is, it's more remembering on that day, what day of the month it actually is. It sounds sad I know, but I swear, I'll say to myself, "Oh cool , so and so's birthday is coming up on the 25th, then the 25th comes and goes and I totally don't even realize it. So it has been a big help to get that reminder from Facebook in the morning, but what if your not on that day or you don't notice the birthday list? Ah there in lies the rub.

Fear not my friends because a web developer has just taken care of even that. Now you can download a free app for Google Chrome that will automatically send birthday wishes to all your friends on Facebook. I KNOW! It's awesome. So if your looking to be even lazier than you are and enjoy even less real social interaction , like me, here is the link to the "Happy Birthday Extension".

I did go there to kind of check it out and I did also see in the comments that there is another app that serves the same function called "post me later" which you can easily find if you just post that in the Facebook search bar. I do not know which is the better one, but I do think it is great to not have to worry about my friends silly little birthdays anymore.