If you're one of those people who make resolutions for the new year and need a little help sticking to them, here are a few apps you can download to keep you on the right path.

We're attached to our phones, there's really no way around it. So, unless your resolution is to get off of your phone in 2018, here are a few additions to make your phone that could make this the first year you actually stick to it (thanks to People.com and a few ideas of my own)!

If your resolution is to lose weight and watch calories, then you're going to want to get apps like MyFitnessPal or LoseIt. They're great ways to track your food intake, plan ahead, and even add workouts to make sure you're getting back to normal after the holiday season.

If you're looking to get more organized, check out the app Any.Do or 24me. Both of these apps are like little personal assistants to organize any task you need and send you reminders like birthdays or bill payments.

If you're trying to lower your anxiety and relax, take a look at Pacifica and Breathe2Relax. The best part about these apps is that they're not just to help one time, they teach you techniques so you can help yourself too.

If you're looking to improve your running, you can download the Couch-to-5K series which has apps for all the way up to a marathon or one of my favorites is Zombies Run! Couch-to-5K is more of a training program but if you really want to get out and move, what's going to push you harder than the threat of zombies chasing after you?

If you're hoping to quit smoking, there's LIVESTRONG MyQuit Coach and Quite Smoking: Cessation Nation which hope to bring a community of people together with a common goal and coaching to get you to finally put down that cigarette and better your health.

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