Richie and I were talking about the different New Year's Eve broadcasts this morning and we decided that neither of us were really into the NBC version.  We talked about how we are both unimpressed with Carson Daly, as we find him generally boring.

Well, NBC execs must agree because they gave him Natasha Leggero to spice things up.

I missed this gem of a moment happening live, as I was busy watching ABC and CNN - where even Kathy Griffin didn't piss people off this bad!

The Crew is talking about a tweet from Spaghettio's on Pearl Harbor Day that didn't go over too well, when Natasha makes an uncomfortable "joke" about survivors.

As Richie and I discussed this morning, you just don't mess with the military.  They bravely and proudly serve our country and fight for our freedom!

Secondly, she just said that for shock value, and it really wasn't all that funny.  Twitter blew up with people who were angry and "changing the channel."  If you're going to make a joke, that was probably written beforehand, at the very least, make it funny!

And, lastly, just to play devil's advocate, do we really care that much?  Wasn't it just an ignorant, off-the-cuff, half-assed joke that bombed?  Should we really shun her from all media forever?  Isn't her only function in life, and certainly in that broadcast setting, to create controversy such as this?  Are we just giving her, and NBC, exactly what they want by even discussing it?

You tell me!  I'd love to know your thoughts!  And, thanks for listening!

Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images

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