If you are planning on being out and about on New Year's Eve this year, there are a couple of places you can get free coffee throughout the night. There is nothing like a hot beverage to give you a boost. This year Stewart's Shops and Cumberland Farms stores are offering free coffee to all who want it on New Year's Eve. According to News Channel 13 and CBS 6, Stewart's will offer free cups of coffee from 6pm until close and Cumberland Farms will offer free coffee from 5pm until 5am on New Year's Eve through New Year's morning.

Stewart's and Cumby's hasn't forgotten about those of us who don't care for coffee. I was happy to learn that the offer is good for any size and flavor of coffee, tea, and even hot chocolate. Cumby's will also give out free iced coffee and cappuccinos as part of their giveaway. Last year, Stewart's Shops gave away nearly thirteen thousand cups of hot beverages.

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