Each New Year's Eve, Saratoga's First Night Celebration ends around midnight with a fireworks display. This year the fireworks were going to be canceled and then a compromise was reached. According to the Daily Gazette, there wasn't going to be a fireworks display at all at this year's First Night Saratoga because of financial reasons. They were to show a digital display on large screens at midnight. But business owners rallied and raised the money needed. Now they have announced the display will be done at a more "family-friendly" time too.

The announcement came that the Congress Park fireworks will begin the First Night celebration. They will set off the fireworks at 5:45pm in the park. The other festivities will begin around 6pm and go until midnight.

Saratoga's First Night celebration will bring up to twenty thousand people to the city and there will be sixty acts in thirty alcohol-free venues. Organizers of the event say that Saratoga's First Night is the largest of its kind outside of New York City.

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