New Year's Eve is right around the corner and there is a new twist on a children's drink that will help adults with hangovers and dehydration. It has been an underground cure for hangovers for years. It's children's drink, Pedialyte. We all know that it helps kids replenish their electrolytes and hydrate. Adults have been using it for years too. Now the makers of Pedialyte are capitalizing on adults' interest in the kids drink.

According to WGRZ, the maker of Pedialyte, Abbot, is taking advantage of adults using the kids' beverage. They are launching medical-grade fizzy drink powder packs called Sparkling Rush. It's available in two flavors cherry and grape and you can buy it at Target and on Amazon.

This solution to hydrate comes in small packs and contains potassium, sodium and helps to maintain proper hydration in your body. It's like Gatorade and Powerade but contains a lot less sugar.

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