Last night I was on the "Facebooks" when I saw a post from a young teenage girl who I have known pretty much her whole life. She is the daughter of one of my good friends and I have always thought she was beautiful. I have even recently told her Mom that she is going to be quite the knock out when she gets a little older.

flickr User, Karin Vlietstra

Unfortunately this is the post I saw:

(I edited out some of the "teenage girl speak")

"Why do guys have to be complete jerks and call girls names to hurt their feelings?  Girls are strong but most of the time these things can bring them down like calling girls, FAT, UGLY, NO LIFE, LOSER., SINGLE FOREVER, LONELY, and other bad things. Why cant guys just learn to call girls beautiful and not hurt there feelings?  The evolution of boys is the same as WILD chimps. I am for sure done with all their crap. I wish guys could be sweet but no, we have to live with the jerks that like to call people names. BOYS CANT HURT US ANYMORE ITS TIME TO STAND UP TO BULLYS!!!!!!! What doesn't kill you makes you stronger."

After reading this, I had to respond. I spoke on the air about how I felt growing up. I was poor and most certainly an awkward teenager with bad hair and BIG teeth. I was teased as well, I really do believe most people were or believe they were teased and hurt by their classmates in school. I endured and I used it. I grew and got stronger and better and as I said on the air, I think I turned out pretty well. Not in spite of those people who hurt me, but maybe even BECAUSE of them. Sometimes I wonder if I should thank them.

So this morning I wrote this on my page:

"I have a friend who is in her young teens and I saw her post last night that some boy called her and her friends names like fat or ugly. This is odd to me because first of all this girl is beautiful and only becoming more and more so everyday. Secondly, I wish I could show her all the "good looking, popular" kids that I grew up with who turned out to be pretty hard to look at, and the awkward boys and girls in school who bloomed into amazingly beautiful adults. If you ask me, I'd rather peek in my 20's or 30's not in middle school. Of course, they can not realize these things yet. Lastly, I'd love to tell her that no matter how beautiful the outside, if the inside is ugly, it ALWAYS comes through, and if you have a beautiful soul, it will always become the only thing people see. I promise. Stay beautiful girl! You got this!"

It got 200 "likes" and over 50 supportive comments in about an hour. To me this just proves that this is something far too many people understand and can identify with. SO remember if you are one of the "teased" you are SO NOT ALONE.

It also prompted me to do something that may help or at least be pretty funny. I'd love it of other people would do this too. Just post them right to your Facebook page and tag me in it! I call it the ugly ducking to swan pic! Ugh, here goes...

Side By Side Sean

See, I grew into my teeth! And, it DOES get BETTER!