My family Christmas tradition usually involves a surprise.

See, my Nana is 84-years old and she lives on her own. She's able to get herself around and do most of the normal stuff, just a little slower than she used to. When my cousin and I noticed that she was starting to put less and less out for Christmas, we knew that was a little out of character.

Let me paint this picture a little better.

When my Grandfather was still alive, Christmas was a big deal. The big tree was standing tall in the living room, lit up as bright as could be with so many decorations you weren't sure even one branch was bare.

What my Cousin and I noticed was how small the tree now was. I mean, picture Charlie Browns tree with just a little extra fluff and enough lights to be considered a night light.

That's not the Christmas she was used to, so we decided to bring it back for her. Starting a few years back now, we set it up where my Mom would take Nana out for her grocery shopping or something to get her out of the house. While she was out, we'd go in and get all of her Christmas goodies out and have the whole house decorated for when she walked back in. It's always fun to see her expression because she never has any idea when it's going to happen.

credit: Marissa

This year, we had to do it a little different because my Mom has been sick with pneumonia and really can't even leave the house right now, let alone drive Nana around (or Miss Daisy as she likes to call her.) So, the phone call was made, the evening was planned and last Friday we decided we would order a pizza and decorate with Nana this year.

Being surrounded by her Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren for a few hours is always a bright spot for her and she loved every second of it.

credit: Marissa
credit: Marissa