Life has become one story after another about the need to multi task - hurry up and get things done!

We eat while we drive, we talk on the phone while we drive, OR when we walk down the street.  We bring our lap tops into a lunch café to work on our lunch BREAK.  And yet it seems our lives are busier than ever!  How is that possible with all this technology giving us free time?  But, just when you thought, there isn’t anything they can do to help me exercise AND work at my job..BAM…. A TREADMILL DESK!  There you go!

I’m serious.  We can’t even take time out of our day to exercise anymore.   We need to do that while working, or surfing the net?  What happened to enjoying a run or walk…visiting the great outdoors?  Or just saying you were going to exercise and using it as an excuse to be alone!  Well, not anymore.  There is no need to take ANY time for yourself when you can exercise AND work at the same time!  Real companies are implementing treadmill desks to help lower health care costs!  What?

Here is a video of treadmill desk users!  Take a look:

In all seriousness, do you own a treadmill desk?  Would you use one if you did?  What if they make me get on here?  Oh no!

What are your thoughts?