A great time was had by all at A. W. Becker school in Selkirk.   Special thanks to Mrs. Planck for letting me in at the last minute, and for Producer Dave for arranging this (in fact, he went along for the ride.Time for transparency here -there is a reason that Dave helped me with the scheduling -his son Colin is a student in the class.  I did promise him that I would try to squeeze in a visit  this year for him, and there was a cancellation, so it fortunately worked out.  Actually, it worked out VERY well, thank you.

AW Becker rrr
Photo by Dave Scriven

So here we go, folks - yet another incredible composition by a group of elementary students under a 1 hour time constraint to write and record a song.  Here is their catchy tune about the importance of reading. (They were reading when we walked into the room, in fact!)



AW Becker Reading song lyrics rrr
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Thanks, Mrs. Planck, and great job, kids!   Now keep practicing what you preach, and continue reading!

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