West Virginia is all upset because there's a show on MTV that makes them look backwards and intellectually challenged (nsert wise-crack here)  The program is called Buckwild.  I've watched it, and I personally don't think it's worth a buck.  How low can TV go? 

This is about a group of kids down south who just do WHATEVER, WHENEVER.  It's called YOLO in some circles (you only live once) .  Here's a tease for the show

Yes, folks.  Yet another "train wreck" that you can't NOT watch, even though it might wreck your own brain cells in the process.  Sorry, but this is the dumbing down of America in it's purest form.  I decided to write a little "Rhymatorial" on the subject.  Here's the audio from today's "Sean and Richie Show"

So here's the question to leave you with - What show do you KNOW is absolutely stupid, intellectually useless - a total waste of time, but you end up tuning in anyway?  (don't say our show !!!)

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