Parking - it's always been at a premium in Saratoga. And with so many people retiring and wishing to find a nice place for their golden years, you can always use more housing, right? Well there's a developer from Syracuse that has this all covered.
According to the Times Union, there are plans by Paramount Realty Group
invest $77 million in a huge complex that would include 607 parking spaces,
senior and affordable housing and retail stores to the downtown area
Screen Shot Saratoga
Google Earth
It will become Highrock Village, and will be in developed near the City Hall area
This thing will be huge with 50,000 square feet to retail with a pedestrian village included (whatever that means)
Wouldn't you just love to own the piece of property that the city of Saratoga would be clamoring to own? KACHING!
Now I did notice that they are thinking of AFFORDABLE housing as well, which might be a switch for the downtown area. Some of the condos there go for $1 million a piece!
We'll see how it all shakes out. Can't wait to see when it's finished? We may just move theire!

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