The airlines are getting desperate.  We're taking a flight tomorrow, for example.  It's international.  And I didn't know this, but they are charging us $75 for a suit bag!  My wife figured out that it's cheaper on the way home to just throw the bag out and pack the dirty suit and dresses in one suitcase!  Very smart, huh?  But I digress.  They need revenue quick, and here's how they're gonna get it-advertising! 

It was Ted Turner that once said "Early to bed, early to like hell and advertise".  And now the airlines are firmly getting into the act.

Dido Airlines


According to and USA

Airlines are ready to cram advertising into every corner of their planes, including seat backs, napkins, flight attendants' aprons, and even...overhead compartments!

That's great.  Because I hate overhead compartments in general, so I'm looking for something to divert my attention and maybe entertain me as I'm trying to stuff things in there.  I'm kind of like this guy from YouTube

So if your plane seat belt has a Mercedes logo on the buckle, and if the passenger who's squeezing you out in the next seat has an ad for "the Biggest Loser" on his tray table, and the Captain mentions that he uses  "NoDoze" at the end of his speech, you'll know why.

Maybe with the money they are saving, they can offer us some better deals eventually.  Speaking of that, this portion of my blog brought to you by Seize The Deal! Check it out, seriously.  (Man, if only the airlines would jump on this! )

Well, gotta go.  This portion of the blog brought to you by Seize

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