Are You Ready To Pay YouTube To Avoid Watching The Ads?
YouTube announce this week that they plan on offering an option for people who want the service but don't want to see all the ads. This would be in addition to the paid subscription, ad-free music service called Music Key that they began offering to some participants last November.
Pay With Lovin'
While some people have said that McDonald's "Pay with Lovin" campaign reeks of desperation from the fast food chain that has been losing their stronghold on the fast food industry as of late, I think it's kind of cool.
A Targeted Ad for iPad That Missed It’s Target
This cracked me up.  I ordered a case for my iPad on Amazon.  It came in literally one day, which was astounding, by the way.  But that's not the point.  You know when you look for something and then a little ad pops up in the corner for something related to your search? &nb…
Check Out This Banned Grey Poupon Commercial – LOL!
Did you ever joke about Grey Poupon when you were a kid?
"Like I Poupon my sandwich!" Hahahahaha
Well, the company used that childish humor for a new ad that won't be airing on your TV anytime soon!
It's dumb funny, but sometimes you just need a giggle...
More Advertising Coming Soon On Your Next Flight [VIDEO]
The airlines are getting desperate.  We're taking a flight tomorrow, for example.  It's international.  And I didn't know this, but they are charging us $75 for a suit bag!  My wife figured out that it's cheaper on the way home to just throw the bag out and pack the dirty suit and dresses in one sui…
The Scariest Ad Mascots Of All Time
Yes.  I'll go along with this.  The Burger King "king" always seemed like someone that would make a cameo appearance in the middle of a nightmare.  Actually, it might have a lead role, come to think of it.  Well apparently, this isn't the only one frig…
Who Wants Free Stuff For Tweeting And Blogging?
There is a new marketing trend out there my friends and I want in!  You all have seen the commercials on TV with the Wheat Thins truck delivering pallets of Wheat Thins to people who tweet about them right? It seems this is now quite the trend. Many restaurants are also in the mix as well. One …