It is super expensive to fly so we all try and find the cheapest airline. There are a few at the Albany International Airport that are considered budget. Now when you fly one of them, you will be asked to tip. It was unveiled by a blogger just a couple of days ago that Frontier airlines starting asking for a gratuity after he ordered drinks on a flight. According to Business Insider, he was handed a tablet by the flight attendant after he ordered. On the tablet were buttons that asked for fifteen, twenty, twenty five percent or a custom gratuity. There was also a button that said "I prefer not to leave a gratuity".

Apparently Frontier Airlines began asking for tips on their flights beginning on January 1, 2019. A spokesperson said that all the tips are shared between the members of the crew on each flight they are a part of. The company will not take any portion of the tips.

The flight attendants welcome the in-flight tip program as a way to supplement their income.

What do you think of tipping on a flight?

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