Adirondack Forest Rangers have sent their efforts into overdrive as they continue to search for a man last seen- or heard from - one week ago in the rugged terrain of the Adirondack Mountains.  They say he was heading toward a potentially dangerous high peak in Upstate, New York near Lake Placid.

According to several sources, the man they are searching for is 63-year-old Thomas Howard of Westport, Connecticut.  Authorities say Howard is approximately 6’1’’, 170 pounds, has gray hair, and according to their press release, was last known to be wearing a long red jacket, grey boots, and snowshoes.

Howard’s niece, Jessica Paar, said he’s an experienced hiker. She said the search teams are looking around the Trap Dike trail up Mount Colden. -Adirondack Daily Enterprise


Anyone with information is asked to contact forest rangers at 518-891-0235.

Photo: NYSP Facebook
Photo: NYSP Facebook

According to the Adirondack Daily Enterprise, Howard was reported missing on Wednesday.

But for days, there's been some worry by those closest to him.

Howard started his trek one week ago but hasn't been seen or heard from since he signed into a trail register at the Adirondack Loj on Friday, March 11.

According to the log, his destination was Mount Colden via the Trap Dike.

The Trap Dike is a 12.90 mile, loop trail near Lake Placid, New York. It's considered a "challenging route," that could take anywhere from 7-13 hours to complete according to 

Back in 2011, a Binghamton University student died when he fell while climbing one of the waterfalls in the dike. According to the source, he was not roped up or wearing a helmet.

Once again, anyone with information is asked to contact forest rangers at 518-891-0235.

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