Police have sent out an alert with information about Briana Carlton,  a teenager from Hudson Falls who has been reported missing.

They're asking everyone to be on the lookout for the 15-year-old who was last seen on Thursday night in Washington County but could possibly be in the North Colonie or Albany area.

Authorities have reason to believe that she could be in need of medical attention, and might be suicidal.

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In a statement from the New York State Dept. of Criminal Justice Services, they described what Briana Carlton was wearing, as well as some information about her current mental state:

Briana Carlton is a 15-year-old missing child who is believed to be suicidal and may be in need of medical attention. She was last seen on Martindale Avenue in the village of Hudson Falls, Washington County at 10:00 PM on Thursday, September 23. Briana was last seen wearing a large white hooded sweatshirt and she may have traveled to the Latham or Albany area.

Police say that Briana Carlton, a white female, is 5' 7", weighs 115lbs., has brown hair, hazel eyes, is 15-years-old.  Anyone with any information on her disappearance last evening or her current location is asked to contact the Hudson Falls Village Police Department at (518) 747-4011 or 911.

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