15-month old Musa Dayib has been nicknamed "the miracle baby" after he escaped death!  Musa slipped through the railing at his family's apartment in Minnesota and fell to the ground.

Experts say that the mulch he fell in was the only reason he survived.

Doctors say that an adult who fell from that height would have certainly died, but babies are sometimes more flexible and pliable than adults.  Aside from that, this particular baby is a miracle!

You may be wondering how something like this could possibly happen.  Well, according to The Telegraph, the baby's mom was running errands, his dad was home with him and his 3 year old sister.  The boy's sister opened the patio door without Dad knowing about it, and while Dad was helping the sister with something in the other room, Baby Musa wondered outside.  Dad says it all happened in a minute's time.  Relatives say the baby's parents are beating themselves up over the event.

The baby's doctors say he has several broken bones, including a broken spine, both arms, and several ribs.  He aslo suffered a concussion and is breathing through a ventilator.  Despite all those injuries, doctors say he will recover and be home within weeks or months.

Musa really is a miracle baby!



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