Leonard Hospital in Troy had been vacant for over twenty years. Demolition of the eyesore started last week and while it was coming down, they discovered a time capsule. Here's what they found inside. Fun fact, I was born in Leonard Hospital in 1972 and I was sad at the state of the building over the years. The hospital closed over twenty years ago and just remained empty. During those years it deteriorated and was an eyesore to the surrounding neighborhoods. Now that it has begun to be demolished, they found a time capsule from the seventies.

According to CBS 6 Albany, the time capsule was found inside Leonard Hospital and it appears to have been from the early 1970s and it has been opened. The time capsule was a metal box containing several documents, a Leonard Hospital volunteer manual, and a "blood transfusion kit". The contents of the time capsule will be put on display after it is archived and processed at the Hart Cluett Museum.

Leonard Hospital was a premier hospital in the early seventies. My mom always said that she was treated so well when she gave birth to us there. But over time, the hospital wound up closing and then stood vacant for over twenty years. Now that it is being demolished, the city is trying to figure out what should be done with the six-acre lot that the old Leonard Hospital stands on. After demolition, the city will continue to explore what to do with the land.

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