Time Capsule Found at Leonard Hospital Demo
Leonard Hospital in Troy had been vacant for over twenty years. Demolition of the eyesore started last week and while it was coming down, they discovered a time capsule. Here's what they found inside.
Hospital Pricing To Become Less Confusing
How many times have you looked over a medical bill and been completely blown away by some of the things you've been charged for?  From the MRI to the bedpan and everything in between, it's mind-blowing. That's about to change (hopefully). On January 1st, hospital pricing will bec…
5 People Struck By Lightning in Poughkeepsie
A lightning strike at Madison Square Park in Poughkeepsie took down 5 people this afternoon at about 4:15.
Three of the 5 people who were struck were injured so badly they were unresponsive when medics arrived.
According to reports they were not directly struck by the lightning but were standing by a …
‘Miracle Baby’ Survives 15 Story Fall!
15-month old Musa Dayib has been nicknamed "the miracle baby" after he escaped death!  Musa slipped through the railing at his family's apartment in Minnesota and fell to the ground.
Experts say that the mulch he fell in was the only reason he survived...

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