This is a really good sign that we are crushing the coronavirus.

As the Capital Region gets ready to start phase 3 of reopening Wednesday, another adjustment has been made to the reopening plan. Governor Cuomo announced today that hospital and group home visits can resume, according to a News 10 report. The group home visit allowance does not include nursing homes at this time. The News 10 report says having visits will be up to the hospitals and they must adhere to  "...state guidlines, which include time-limited visits, visitors must wear PPE, and visitors are subject to temperature checks."

This change of course is a big indicator of how we are doing with the pandemic. The fact that it has now been deemed safe for visitors to return to hospitals is a great indicator of the progress we have made. Hopefully this will bring a little more comfort to those are in the hospitals and to their families. It is difficult enough to be admitted for treatment for anything, and doing it without the comfort of family and friends had to be so difficult for anyone who had a hospital stay over the last few months. Those folks who fought through without the support of family and/or friends are heroes as well through all of this.

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