There's a new movie coming to Netflix featuring a well-known Capital Region tragedy and it's starring Meryl Streep.

Do you remember the Ethan Allen tragedy in Lake George in 2005? If you look back to the New York Times article, it describes how the Ethan Allen, a 40-foot, glass-enclosed tour boat, had flipped in the wake of another boat. It had 49 people aboard at the time, many of them elderly with limited mobility so the crash ended up killing 21 of the passengers.

In "The Laundromat," Meryl Streep and James Cromwell star as a couple who investigate the Panama Papers, according to the Times Union. The Panama Papers were secret assets of a Panama law firm that ended up getting leaked. The connection is that the Ethan Allen was "underwritten by a phony insurance policy when it sank in Lake George."

In the movie, Streep and Cromwell's characters were on a boat in Michigan when a similar thing happened. Streep is seen trying to swim for her life while being trapped under the boat. Streep survives, but her husband isn't so lucky. Next, she "talks to a lawyer about an eventual settlement he expects will be paid by the company that insures the boat company, Shoreline Cruises."

The story is a dramatization of the situation with the Ethan Allen when, they too, had no idea that they had phoney insurance documents and many of the people on the boat were from Michigan. It's currently on Netflix, it began streaming on October 18th.

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