Brad Cieslowski, a 29-year-old body builder, was kicked out of his local gym over the weekend for wearing a revealing bathing suit.

He says it's no different than the suits that the women wear and that the lifeguard was just uncomfortable with the 'bulge' - "That's usually people's problem with the speedo, is the bulge," he says.

Lifetime Fitness released response:

"We acknowledge there are various types of swim attire... however we have a two-layer house code. In this instance, multiple members registered concerns rooted in discomfort and as a result the decision was reached to ask the member to leave the pool area."

The manager of the gym also apologized to Cieslowski in person, for the way the situation was handled.  Cieslowski says he will comply with the two-layer rule in the future.

Here's the local news coverage of the story...
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