Countryfest Workout Game
Those cut off jorts are callin' your name!  And that wife-beater isn't gonna wear itself!  If you want your body to be as tight as Jake Owen's jeans, then this workout if for you!
It's simple, just listen to The Sean and Richie Show on WGNA every morning between 5:30-9am…
Workout Fail Compilation [Watch]
You'll go through a range of emotions as you're watching this trending video.  I know I did!  I laughed, I winced, I felt sorrow... and I felt like a lot of these people lacked common sense!
Wicker chairs will not hold you up, and don't try to jump on a moving treadmill...
Man Gets Kicked Out of Gym for Wearing Speedo
Brad Cieslowski, a 29-year-old body builder, was kicked out of his local gym over the weekend for wearing a revealing bathing suit.
He says it's no different than the suits that the women wear and that the lifeguard was just uncomfortable with the 'bulge' - "That's u…
What You Would Do for a Perfect Body
Though the press and the public's outlooks on overly skinny bodies has gotten better, the perception thinness is more beautiful is still the mentality of many people.
Gym Smells — What They Mean
A few weeks back, I wrote a blog about cardio machine etiquette and how it is not polite to stare at someone else while they work out.  Many of you agreed with my fustration -- some also knew exactly what I had experienced, having experienced it themselves.
I now write to you about something else at …
Cardio Machine Etiquette
The past two days I have tried to be very disciplined in forcing myself to go to the gym.  Afterall, after the snowfall comes Spring; after Spring comes summer  -- must prepare.  However, of those two gym days, I have gotten on the same cardio machine, by pure coincidence, while the same fellow gym …