Kaylee in Rotterdam emailed Brian and Chrissy hoping that the Love Cowboy could help her sort through some uncharacteristic behavior she's been exhibiting lately.  She's never considered herself the jealous type, but suddenly she's finding herself obsessing over every little thing her boyfriend is doing.  He's given her no reason to feel insecure, yet she's checking his texts, snooping through his stuff, even worrying about his whereabouts even when he's just a few minutes late to something.  She doesn't want this to become a bigger problem down the road.  Can the Love Cowboy help?

Love him or hate him, the Love Cowboy is about as consistent as they come. Every weekday morning just after 6am and 8am, he saddles on up inside the GNA studio. He comes with relationship advice for you GNA listeners and insults for anyone who dares to get in his way; usually that person is Brian.

Overall, it's his no-nonsense approach to life, love, and the current state of affairs that make him quite refreshing in today's climate. Be sure to check out the replay of each daily segment, the next morning just after 6am.

If you have a question for the LC, hit us up at mornings @wgna.com

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