There is a lonely teddy bear that was left behind at a local farm and he needs your help to find his owner. A post going around on social media shows a very lonely teddy bear that was left at Lakeside Farms on Wednesday, October 16. We love Lakeside Farms in Ballston Lake. There are always tons of families there with little kids and knowing that a child is missing their teddy bear breaks my heart. Here is the post that Lakeside Farms shared on their Facebook page.

When I was growing up, I brought my teddy bear with me wherever I went. As a matter of fact, I still have him in my house. I am 47. I hope we can help this cute little teddy bear reunite with its kid. I know they will be happy to get it back.

If you think this may be a bear that you recognize, please call Lakeside Farms. 518-399-8359.

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