Your Town Thursday is a new feature on the Sean and Richie Show where we pay tribute to a great town, city or hamlet in the Capital Region.  Plus - I get to do my favorite thing which is to create a theme song for it! But I'm only one man, folks.  I need help! Putting together the song for Troy was a blast.  We had alot of good response on Facebook as well with funny ideas.  (Who knew that Tutunjian rhymes with pungent onion?)   Would love to keep that fun momentum going as we move west from the city of Uncle Sam to what I now would like to refer to land of the "3 M's " .

Why?  Because I got in touch with the head honcho of Watervliet - Mayor Mike Manning. And he wrote back almost immediately which shocked the heck out of me!  He thought that this would be a fun idea and was willing to give me some good info.  But I would love yours as well.  Any little quirks about the town?  Fun facts?  Serious facts?  include it all here in the comment page and I will get to work!

Again, the completed song will be played on the Sean and Richie Show this coming Thursday, and if you happen to miss it, it will be repeated Friday morning. Thanks in advance!  And thanks to the 3 M mayor for playing along!