Love Cowboy Helps Guy Convince Girlfriend to Get a Dog
Brian and Chrissy in the Morning invite the Love Cowboy to come in and do his best to give relationship advice to listeners in the Capital Region. During the lockdown, the dilemmas have changed, but the Love Cowboy continues to try his best. This one is no different.
GNA’s “Unboxing 3″ Happening Thursday Morning
As long as all you local businesses keep sending us packages, we'll keep opening em up!  Make sure to watch Brian and Chrissy's next "Local Business Unboxing" to see the variety of goods and gifts that we'll be opening up from local and small businesses. Once op…
April Went Quicker Thanks to Beer and Liquor
My friend, we'll call him Chuck, sent a group text to a bunch of us the other night asking, "How much have you spent in alcohol the past month?"   He claimed it was for a "school project" which got a chuckle out of the crew.  But soon after, th…
Next Local Business Unboxing Happening This Morning
The first one we did was so much fun, we can't wait to do it again. Make sure to watch Brian and Chrissy's next 'Local Business Unboxing' to see the second round of goods and gifts that we'll be opening up - from local and small businesses -  and proudly displaying in t…
Chrissy Cheers on Son While Fishing
We are in day thirty-something of the lockdown and we are all missing sports. My son, Ryan, is a very active athlete and I am really missing him on the field. I also enjoy cheering him on. I have had to find other ways. This time we go fishing.
Biker Brilliantly Maps His Ride to Spell ‘ALBANY’
While most people (myself included) have worn out a path from the bed, to the couch, to the kitchen and then back to the bed again, A 19-year-old Albany resident blazed a different path last week and it caught my eye.  While I was plotting my next milk shake flavor combination, Harvard freshman Adam…
Listen to Chrissy Cheer on Son Playing Fortnite
We are usually really busy with Ryan playing all sports. With the lockdown and social distancing, all sports are canceled. So I had to find other ways to cheer him on and be his biggest fan. This time it's while he plays Fortnite.
Chrissy Waxes Eyebrows During Lockdown
There are many services that we are missing because of the lockdown. So desperate times call for desperate measures. I decided it was time to clean up my eyebrows and bought a wax kit online. Here's how it went.

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