Parents, if you have kids on the autism spectrum with sensory issues, there is a local theater offering sensory-friendly movies. The loud noises and the dark room of a movie theater can be a terrible idea for those kids who are autistic. Now a local movie theater is offering special days and times to bring children to the movies where they can enjoy the theater experience.

According to, certain Regal Cinemas are offering sensory-friendly movies so that kids can have a great experience at the movies. The Colonie Center Regal Cinemas will be holding these special sensory-friendly movie options.

The My Way Matinee program at Regal Cinemas will have the lights turned up and the volume turned down so the audience can have a safe place to express themselves any way they wish. They can sing, cry, dance and even talk. The screenings will begin at 10:30 am on the second and fourth Saturdays of the month for a discounted ticket.

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