The Johnstown school district has been fighting an uphill battle to save their sports programs after severe budget cuts. They recently got a large donation from Dick's Sporting Goods to help. According to News Channel 13, Johnstown needed a large miracle months ago to raise over three hundred thousand dollars to restore their sports programs for the next three years. The school district said it could cover nearly two hundred thousand in transportation, but the other monies would have to be raised to save it.

The Johnstown district did a "Save Our Sports Telethon" that raised ninety-six thousand dollars in one night. They were up to one hundred twenty thousand dollars by the end of July. Dick's Sporting Goods has added $11,000 and so far this month they have raised twenty-two thousand dollars with donations from Stewart's ( $10,000), and Walmart ($5,000) and donations from previous graduating classes. The total now stands at $206,000.

The Dick's Sporting Goods donation is part of their Sports Matter Program. It's aimed to raise money so that school districts can keep their sports programs.

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