You know that feeling, you're watching television or a movie and someone mentions "Albany," "Schenectady," or another place in the Capital Region and it's so cool to see. Well, coming up on one of my favorite channels, you'll be able to see a local restauranteur try and take home the win for the 518!

Congrats to Tara Kitchen owner Aneesa Waheed who will be featured on "Guy's Grocery Games" on the Food Network at the end of the month, according to The Daily Gazette. If you're unfamiliar with the show, it's like a mix of the game show classic "Supermarket Sweep" but instead, contestants are shopping for ingredients to create delicious meals for the judges - with some twists and challenges thrown in.

Waheed mentioned that they took the trip out to California in February to film the episode that will air August 29th at 9:00 PM. A scouting producer for the show reached out to her and asked her if the show would be something she'd be interested in. She had no formal training and, at first, thought it was a joke. Apparently, they knew everything about her and pretty much "cyber-stalked" her.

Though she didn't give out a ton of information, Waheed said that the competition was tough and hoped to win the $20,000 prize to donate to her brother-in-law's charity, the Islamic Medical Association of North America.

You can find the original Tara Kitchen location on Liberty St in Schenectady, as well as their new location in Troy, their sauces sold in stores around the country and online, as well a new wine and tapas bar she intends to also open in Schenectady.


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