A local 11-year-old girl had the opportunity of a lifetime. She competed in the first-ever Little League World Series Home Run Derby in Williamsport, PA. We spoke to her and her mom about this amazing experience. I am glued to all things Little League World Series with my eight-year-old son, Ryan. While we were watching over the weekend, there was an eleven-year-old girl from East Greenbush competing in the Home Run Derby. We were so surprised to see someone from the Capital Region and super excited for her. I reached out and we spoke with Keira Cook and her mom, Barb on the air Monday morning.

Keira told us all about her journey from a home run tournament in East Greenbush that brought her to another round in Atlanta, Georgia. From there she was asked to compete in the finals at the Little League World Series in Williamsport, PA. There was a cool surprise when she got there, too. Their honorary coach was Olympic Gold Medalist softball player, Jennie Finch.

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Keira told us all about it:

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