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Hilarious Ways We've Taken Coaching Little League Too Seriously
I love to volunteer to coach Ryan's Little League team, but my coaching cost his team the game last weekend. I beat myself up over it for the entire week. We brought it up on the air and it was comforting to know that I am not the only one. The phone calls made me realize that my error in coaching wasn't even close to what these other coaches did that cost their kids the game.
Nostalgic Moment - My Son Playing at my Home Base [PIC]
This past weekend was very nostalgic for me and my family. My son, Ryan, embarked on something that was part of my childhood and now it's part of his. Ryan starting playing in the Mechanicville Stillwater Little League. It wasn't only nostalgic, it was amazing.
Listen as Chrissy Loudly Cheers On Son Hitting a Home Run
With baseball back and our son Ryan playing nearly every other night, we had a double-header this past weekend. Ryan loves to play and on Saturday we were at the baseball field for seven hours. He had a great couple of games including an in-the-parker home run.
Happy Little League's Back But It's Weird
We were so excited when the governor announced that Little League baseball could start back up on July 6th. But I don't think anyone was totally prepared for what it was going to look and feel like because of the coronavirus pandemic.
Chrissy Obnoxiously Quizzes Little Leaguers on New COVID Rules
We finally got some good news about Little League baseball. It looks like they will have a season after all. But there are some serious safety rules that the boys need to know before they hit the field. Listen as the sometimes obnoxious and overbearing Big League Chooch quizzes the little leaguers.
Local Girl Competes In LLWS Home Run Derby
A local 11-year-old girl had the opportunity of a lifetime. She competed in the first-ever Little League World Series Home Run Derby in Williamsport, PA. We spoke to her and her mom about this amazing experience.
Justin Moore Gives Chrissy Coaching Advice
Justin Moore is not only a superstar in country music, he also coaches both of his daughters' softball teams. I am embarking on coaching my son's little league team so I asked Justin for some coaching tips.

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