If you are looking to make extra money around the holidays, there is a local department store that is hiring seasonal help. They are holding a Hiring Day today (Tuesday, October 15th). According to News 10 ABC, JCPenney department stores are hiring in all of their stores throughout the Capital Region for a one-day hiring event. They are looking for over one hundred fifty seasonal employees in many different positions. This National Hiring Day is today (Tuesday, October 15th).

There are a couple of ways you can apply. You can go into any JCPenney's location at the Application Kiosk inside the store and fill out an application, or you can click HERE, and see which positions are available in our area. Keep in mind that many of the salons inside the JCPenney's are also hiring.

There are JCPenney department stores in Clifton Park Center, Wilton Mall, Aviation Mall, and Wilton Mall. There are many positions available for seasonal help at all of these locations.

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