This is what the holidays are all about.  A restaurant and deli in Saratoga Springs - realizing that people are struggling mightily this year - is giving away free, hot meals for the holidays out of the kindness of their heart.  They've made it quite easy too. You don't to show any proof that you're struggling and they'll ask you no questions.  Simply tell them that you'd like a meal, and 'they got you covered.'

"This year has been good to us. In fact, it has been our best year since opening. Record sales. But we understand that for many this was the worst year of their life" - Saratoga's Broadway Deli Facebook

Saratoga's Broadway Deli  (420 Broadway is Saratoga Springs) is doing something super charitable this holiday season and it's garnering a lot of attention for all of the right reasons. A place known for such comfort foods like corned beef sandwiches, pastrami on rye and matzo ball soup, will be working overtime around the holidays roasting 1/4 chickens for any families in need.  On Sunday, the management and staff announced on their Facebook page that they will give away free hot roaster chickens now through December 31st.

All they ask is that you call, leave your name and number and when you need it by.  Simple...

"We aren’t asking any questions. We’re not asking for any proof. You say you need a hot roast chicken to provide a nice holiday meal for your family, we got you covered" the very generous owners posted on their socials.

When we reached out to the staff at Saratoga's Broadway Deli asking how the response has been so far, they shared that so far about 60 1/4 chickens are set to be picked up before Thanksgiving.

Michael Mina, the brother of the owner of the deli, Tweeted yesterday that this isn't the first time his brother has stepped up to the plate when the community needed him.



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