We on the Sean and Richie Show are no stranger to stunts. One time we did a commercial for a local motorcycle dealership that featured a live pig! Comedian Mike Birbiglia's got a stunt of his own.  He's gonna live and sleep in a Macy's window display for an entire week!  (does he have to stand still with a "you know what" eating grin on his face? )   Not sure, but it's brilliant marketing.  What's behind this insanity?  According to an article on Mashable.com:

June Retail Sales Remain Sluggish

The program is promoting a “Clean Sheet Week” challenge for Ultra Downy April Fresh and Macy’s sheets, which are being marketed together. Birbiglia, who wrote a book called Sleepwalk with Me, which chronicles his rare sleep disorder, was chosen as the first person to take the Clean Sheet Week challenge. Starting Monday, Birbiglia will be living in the window at Macy’s flagship store on 34th Street in New York City.

They call this REAL TIME marketing.   And it's gonna be VERY real time!  Birbiglia will have a Daily Video Confessional on Facebook where he'll share his experience and you can even ask him questions.

Again, we've done our share of crazy stuff.   The video clip is from  Spitzie's Harley Davidson Buell in Albany that featured a pig.  A very uncooperative pig, as Casey Danton, our newsperson, quickly discovered...

Now THAT's comedy!!!

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